Cass county nebraska news

Nebraska responds to Big Ten vetoing potential replacement game. Bacon's base not always on board. Nebraska State Patrol hiring new troopers. Search warrant leads to drug arrest in Johnson County. Nebraska virus hospitalizations jump to set another record. Kopke in court files: I'm not guilty. Occupants escape injury from Humboldt house fire. Omaha Police: Handled summer protests with 'patience and tolerance'; Federal lawsuit says otherwise.

Iowa town uniting behind year-old recovering from head injury. Nebraska AP Headlines. Arkansas man killed in 2-vehicle crash in eastern Nebraska. Omaha police investigating after woman's body found. Ex-music professor indicted on sex charges involving minor. Iowa AP Headlines. Alliant Energy to close Iowa coal-fired plant by end of Iowa coronavirus cases, hospitalizations rapidly increasing.

Missouri AP Headlines. Contract instructor at police academy fired over racial slur. Unlicensed Missouri dog breeder charged with animal abuse. Court revives Kansas City man's lawsuit in wrongful arrest. Fair housing groups: Redfin 'redlines' minority communities. Another wildfire starts in Colorado, evacuations ordered. Nebraska City, NE All Rights Reserved.Click on the county below to view the county CVSO contact and location information.

Skip to main content. Adams County. Joseph Ave. Antelope County. Arthur County. Spruce St. Banner County. Service Officer John J. Blaine County. Secretary Marian Feddersen. Boone County. Service Officer Jacqueline L. Box Butte County. Admin Assist Kami Wills.

County Veterans Service Offices

D, Alliance, NE Boyd County. Brown County. Buffalo County. Burt County. Butler County. Cass County. Cedar County. Chase County. Cherry County. Main St. Cheyenne County. Clay County. Fairfield, Clay Center, NE Colfax County. Admin Assistant Bev Brunkorst. Cuming County. Lincoln St. Custer County.Change your address online now! NEW: New citizenship Requirements for non-commercial applicants.

Information regarding Nebraska driving under the influcence DUI interlock devices. Verify your eligibility to obtain a Nebraska Ignition Interlock Permit online. Information regarding suspensions, reinstatements, and points on Nebraska driver's licenses or permits. Check the status of your driving privileges.

Information regarding vehicle titles and registration in Nebraska. Vehicle and Boat Registration Renewal. Order your specialty plate online. Check the Status of a Specialty Plate. Submit an Application to Create an Organizational Plate. Information regarding Nebraska driver and vehicle records. Search for a Nebraska Driver Record Online. Estimate the vehicle tax online! Schedule your appointment today!

Driver's License, ID and Permits

Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection. Nebraska ignition interlock device provider resources.

cass county nebraska news

Resources for Nebraska county treasurers and vehicle dealerships. Title Manual Registration Manual. Title Cancellation. Plate Type Codes Mainframe. Box 25 Ainsworth, NE Kathy L. Janis M. No driver licensing services are available at these offices. Patricia L.

cass county nebraska news

Sheri L. Linda S. Paul, NE Vicki K. Box Bassett, NE Amber G. Janet L. Signup for eNotice email or text vehicle renewal notices. Renew Your License Plates Online.The Nebraska RAP sheet will include Nebraska arrests where the individual was fingerprinted and the resulting dispositions. Dispositions are the result of the adjudication process and may include convictions, acquittals, decline to prosecute, no charges filed and nullified convictions through set-asides and pardons.

These circumstances include the following:. It is important to understand that in our role as the Central Repository for Nebraska Criminal History Records, we only report information as it is provided to us by our criminal justice partners across the state. Think of us as a library. If you find incorrect information in a book, the library cannot correct the information.

It is up to the publisher or the author to correct it. If you think there is an error in our information, you would need to contact the source of that information such as the court of record, county attorney or law enforcement agency. We will be happy to assist you in identifying the source of the information and provide you with contact information for that source. If they agree that the information is incorrect they will be able to provide us with the corrected information so that we can update our records.

Arrests that occurred in other states will not be reflected on your Nebraska criminal history. Adult arrest records are a matter of public record and as such are available to anyone who can demonstrate an "interest" in the subject.

It should be noted, however, that by statute juvenile arrests are not considered a matter of public record and will not be released on a criminal history request. State Statute allows us up to three business days to generate a report. The three days begins on the day that we received a request in good order completed form, payment, appropriate signatures, etc There can be a number of reasons why this might occur.

The most common reason is that you probably were not fingerprinted when you were arrested. Our records only consist of arrest records where the individual was fingerprinted.

Concealed Handgun Permits

If you were fingerprinted, then it is possible that the arresting agency did not forward the fingerprint arrest card to the Nebraska State Patrol. Nebraska statute only requires felony arrests to be submitted to the state criminal history repository.

ND National Guard Responds to Cass County Flooding

Finally the criminal history report you receive from us will only show Nebraska arrests so if you were arrested in another state, that arrest will not be included in our report. Nebraska criminal history records by statute are a matter of public record and therefore are available to the public. However, there are statutory limitations to exactly what the public is allowed to receive.

Statute defines three such exclusions:. The subject of the report must approve the requestor to receive the full report by signing a release of information form before a public notary. Nebraska does not have a statutory expungement provision. The only way to get an arrest expunged from a record is if that arrest was the result of a law enforcement error.The tips are sent out via email every Tuesday at around 9am.

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cass county nebraska news

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