Soccer h2h probabilities table

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soccer h2h probabilities table

Questions have been answered in a friendly way.This simple tool will allow you to compare any two soccer teams in a matter of seconds. Enter the name of the team you would like to explore. This H2H comparison tool has been designed with the aim being able to find value in football matches as quickly as possible. It's a more streamlined experience than our popular interactive H2H experience, allowing you to scan through and toggle between data much quicker.

The tool will automatically highlight the team that has a higher, or lower stat for each data point. If you are a premium member of FootyStats, you can enjoy quick comparisons between both cards and corner stats for thousands of football teams. Not looking for anything in particular?

Browse through some of the pre-calculated upcoming matches. Change Timezone. Weekend's Matches. Player Stats.

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Team Search. Football Tips. Profitable Betting Systems. The Academy. Japan Site. View All Leagues. Champions League. Premier League. Team Stats. Corner Stats. Download Data to CSV. Football Predictions. Betting Systems. Product Updates. Head to Head Soccer H2H - Select 2 teams and compare their stats with our head to head comparison tool.

Select Your Teams Team A. Team B. Comparison Will Appear Here.Josep Bartomeu has overseen unprecedented success as president of Barcelona, and yet, if he carries on, he may soon be driven out of Camp Nou. Craig Burley wonders whether signing Harry Kane in the next transfer window would be enough for Man United.

With almost all football off because of the coronavirus, star players have found themselves at a loose end. How are they filling their time?

Watch Zlatan Ibrahimovic display his wide array of football skills during social isolation. Liverpool supporter Kjeld Rinfeldt has transformed his home in Denmark into a glorious tribute to his beloved Reds and their famous Anfield stadium.

In a time of no football during Covid, fans and real players alike obsess over virtual glory on Football Manager, 30 years after the video game made its debut. The coronavirus' historic impact on sports means English football needs to be creative about resuming.

It can't just be about money. PLUS: Germany has a bold plan. Isolated players can stay fit, but experiences vary regarding attention toward mental well-being. Meanwhile, some veterans face the prospect of the coronavirus pandemic ending their career. Herculez Gomez recalls his "Greatest Game" as he scored a goal vs.

Brazil in a international friendly. The world has come to a standstill, so we compiled 10 shows and documentaries that will scratch your soccer itch while in isolation. Bill Barnwell's rank of the best moves since the league's launch features legends like Cristiano Ronaldo, Frank Lampard and Thierry Henry. In 25 seasons since the league began, MLS has come a long way. We reflect upon the its early days with those who were there.

Imagine not one unseen Picasso, but an entire exhibition. Meet Sattawat Sethakorn and his potentially million-dollar collection of memorabilia. As he thinks about the affection he has for Italy, Wright Thompson reflects on sport, food and loneliness in the time of coronavirus.

After a legendary career as a player, Thierry Henry made a rough start to life as a manager. In Montreal, he seeks improvement. There are unhappy and frustrated fans everywhere, but these 10 teams have had it particularly rough. Take a trip across the country for a look at the raucous fans who make some of the best matchday atmospheres in American pro sports. From playing in the streets of south London to the cusp of worldwide stardom, Jadon Sancho has always done things his own way.

Imagine for a minute that you own a soccer team and have unlimited resources and sky-high goals. If money were no object, what team would you build? Sam Borden: The year-old is about to try what no American's done before and star for one of football's biggest clubs.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the dominant forces in soccer, but who's next? Who will take on the challenge of being the best in soccer? Once a teen phenom, Freddy Adu was supposed to save U. His career appeared to fizzle out, but he is not done yet. Skip to navigation. Premier League.See also: How this works Global club soccer rankings. The top two teams from each group qualify for the knockout phase. The top seven teams from each conference — 14 teams total — make the MLS playoffs.

The top team from each conference receives a first-round bye. The top ten teams from each conference — 20 teams total — make the USL playoffs. The top eight teams at the end of the regular season make the Liga MX playoffs. The top four teams at the end of the regular season make the NWSL playoffs. The top six teams make the A-League playoffs, with two teams receiving a first-round bye. Three teams are promoted, and four teams are relegated.

Depending on the league standings, playoffs for the final promotion and relegation spots may be necessary.

Fctables - Soccer statistics

Four teams — based on overall performance during the last four seasons — are relegated. The bottom team is automatically relegated, and the second-to-last team will enter a playoff against a team from the lower division to determine if it is relegated.

soccer h2h probabilities table

The bottom two teams are automatically relegated, and the third-to-last team will enter a playoff against a team from the lower division to determine if it is relegated. The bottom two teams are automatically relegated, and the third-to-last team will enter a playoff against teams from the lower division to determine if they are relegated.

Three teams are relegated through a playoff. This forecast assumes Manchester City will not successfully appeal its Champions League ban. Statistical models by Jay Boice and Nate Silver.

Updated March 23,at AM. Premier League season. La Liga season. Bundesliga season. Serie A season. Ligue 1 season.

3. HDAFU Tables - Ratios, Quick Stats, Data tabs

Primeira Liga season. MLS season. USL Championship season. NWSL season. Liga MX Clausura season. Eredivisie season.

See all for Premier League. First Division A season. See all for First Division A. Super League season. See all for Super League. Allsvenskan season. Eliteserien season.Cookies and privacy policy. This website makes use of cookies and similar technologies to improve your user experience, analyse how the website is used and advertising that might interest you.

For more information click here: More info. I Accept and I'am over 18 years old. Sign In. User menu. Push Notifications. Predictions Notifications. Notifications new. There is no new notifications. Select team to H2H. Select two teams to view direct Team Comparison.

Check today's full matches list.

soccer h2h probabilities table

Head to head H2H top events. Head to head H2H Next matches. MFK Chrudim Jihlava. Hradec Kralove Zizkov. Trinec FK Slavoj Vysehrad. SK Lisen Brno. Sokolov Usti nad Labem. Dukla Praha Pardubice. Vitkovice FC Vlasim. Dinamo Barnaul Zenit Irkutsk. Irtysh FC Chita. Sakhalin Novosibirsk FK.

Head to Head soccer

Shkupi Skopje Rabotnicki.For every event included the expected values are calculated, compared to market prices, and finally the statistical probability of winning the bet is shown. It should be noted that the spreadsheet is not a tool for automated betting. The tables provide vital information to improve the accuracy of your own predictions, and the figures do not substitute for reading salient news and applying good judgement.

The Excel spreadsheet offered for sale comes pre-filled with data from the Premier League game Liverpool v. Just delete or over-type this to analyse any match of your choosing. Go to full screen mode by clicking on the box symbol to the right of the YouTube logo.

Data Sourcing: Learn where to find historical match data and download it from www. Data Input: Historical match results and head-to-head data input to populate the Value Bet Detector ready for input of the best odds you can find. Yes, the calculations apply for any league in the world. The only parameters are that the game in question must be between two teams which have played at least their last 25 home or away games in the same league.

Also, both teams must have played the corresponding fixture at least 6 times in the last 10 years in other words, the home team has hosted the away team at least 6 times in all competitions not friendlies in the last 10 years.

This is a manual procedure and you will quickly find which sources are best for the full-time and half-time results of both teams in the 25 matches to be analysed, plus the head-to-head encounters.

We recommend Football-Data, Betexplorer, Oddsportal and Soccerway, although there are a host of other sites specialising in historical statistics. At the start, you will find data collection will take about 30 minutes per match including entering the best bookmaker odds you can find try Betfair and Oddschecker. You should already have a understanding of odds and how they are calculated.

The spreadsheet is just a tool to identify potential bet candidates. The spreadsheet is intermediate level, and you should be become entirely familiar with its mechanics before committing money to any bet recommendations suggested by the spreadsheet.

This spreadsheet contains the calculations for international club tournaments between teams with no head-to-head history, Our darling Soccerwidow is at it again with another eastern European rendition in our series of video tutorials showing you how to Hi Right winger? How do you arrive to get the odds? The market i am focused is Asian Handicap and i would really appreciate your thoughts on that particular market.

A high yield stands for high risk. That means that the lower the profitability quotient the higher the risk. You will need to do a number of paper exercises and see what works for you.

Please also pay attention to the distribution of winning and losing bets as longer losing streaks are painful on the nerves. However, what I meant is somewhat related I guess. Since it it is impossible to know what drives bookies, one might want to avoid these betting opportunities altogether. What is extreme? Seems to me this is an essential piece of info that is missing, Can you shed some light on this?

What is your approach on this issue? I always like bringing up the example with Man Utd after Ferguson left. Man Utd was playing for years like a well-oiled machine under Ferguson and then suddenly changed their performance under the new manager.

Of course, the bookies took this massive performance change into account after it became obvious and the differences between the VC calculations and the market prices were huge. In the case of Man Utd it was obvious what happened and the differences were explainable. However, the automated calculations of the VC were not usable to identify value bets for a very long time, not until the team started to perform statistically reliable again.

In the VC ,when you enter the odds ,I assume these are backing odds. Therefore when the outcome says lay is it saying lay at those backing odds to be of any value.

True Odds & Value Detector: League Games with H2H History

If it is actually really a profitable lay bet, this really depends on your strategy and portfolio. To your question, Value I expected profitability: the difference between market odds and true odds can even be negative as strange as it sounds… IF!Tag Archives: probabilities. This is the last in our series of video tutorials regarding the filling-in of data into the True Odds and Value Bet Calculator Excel spreadsheet. Here you will learn the input process of market odds from sites such as www.

Our darling Soccerwidow is at it again with another eastern European rendition in our series of video tutorials showing you how to input historical football data into the Value Bet Detector for league games with head-to-head history. Enjoy the In this final article on the Football Betting Correct Score Roulette System we will take the initial paper test one stage further and add what would have happened in the season if we had continued the system with the seven teams failing After describing the Football Roulette — Correct Score Betting system, it is time to reveal the results of our first paper test.

Methodical Correct Score Betting Claimed by many to be very successful, this simple football correct score betting system is based on the statistical likelihood of a certain event occurring. In casino roulette, there is a well-known method This spreadsheet contains the calculations for international club tournaments between teams with no head-to-head history, applicable for competitions such as the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, or even the South American Copa Libertadores.

We now switch attention Written by Soccerwidow. The end of the month has arrived once again and following 29 match analyses encompassing 67 more value bet recommendations, it is time for our usual reckoning.

June was indeed an exceptional month realising a yield of The formulas and All rights reserved. Bet responsibly!

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