Volume xix, issue lll, fall 2019 newsletter

Contents include: Pages Putting a Face to a Name Page 6. Remembering One of Our Own. The lead article in this issue of TIPS is meant to supplement the podcasts by offering the information in a print format, which can be used as a reference when developing a falls reduction program.

Veterans Crisis Line: Press 1. Complete Directory. If you are in crisis or having thoughts of suicide, visit VeteransCrisisLine. Quick Links. Prescription questions? Eric Spahn, discusses two VA mobile applications designed to give Veterans more control and information over the management of their medications.

This article discusses how they did it and how you can implement a similar program at your facility. This study examines several root cause analyses RCA to better understand the prevalence of suicide immediately following discharge.

The checklist has contributed to an 82 percent decrease in deaths by suicide in VA inpatient mental health units. Robin R. Understanding the VA Fall Reduction Program : Falls reduction is a critical aspect of the VA patient safety program and a concern for caregivers around the nation.


Types of Falls and Suggestions to Reduce Them : Accidental falls, anticipated physiological falls and unanticipated physiological falls are defined. A number of efforts to protect patients from injury or to reduce severity are also discussed. Health Care-Associated Infections: A Persistent Patient Safety Issue : Health care-associated infections are defined as infections acquired by patients through their contact with the health care system. Bacteria, fungi and viruses can be transmitted at any point of the patient care continuum.

The VA and Department of Defense scheduled 29 presentations for agency medical professionals to learn more about a wide range of patient safety programs and initiatives. Surgery Risks are Higher for Obese Patients : Obese patients have a much higher risk of potentially fatal complications following surgery. Reducing risks for obese patients can also lessen the potential occurrence of adverse events or close calls. Shreveport: A Success Story : At the Overton Brooks VA Medical Center, we have made a concerted effort over the past year to not just improve, but excel at being a safe and high-quality surgical service.CSA Newsletter, Vol.

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volume xix, issue lll, fall 2019 newsletter

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There will be no messages to the list other then those concerning the CSA Newsletter. The CSA Newsletter provides up-to-date information on the use of computers and digital technologies in the practice of archaeology and architectural history. Articles are intended to assist scholars in their attempts to use computers to generate digital information and in disseminating that digital information. CSA Newsletter articles should also be of interest to graduate students and others who want to know more about the development of information technology in these disciplines.

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Citations should normally be of the printed version when they are available since page numbers are then possible. Please note that the format of the newsletter web pages was changed in September of That affected only the home page for the newsletter this page and the articles in issues beginning with Vol.Before there were no A and B volumes of the Transactions, just one comprehensive volume.

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West Association of Univ. Wayman Association of Univ. Jappel Association of Univ. Perek Association of Univ. Pecker Blackwell Scientific Publications 1 Jan Volume 12 of the Transactions has not been digitized as there are outstanding copyright issues that have not yet been resolved.

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Fowler New Zealand Journal of Science 1 Jan Volume 1 of the Transactions has not been digitized as there are outstanding copyright issues that have not yet been resolved. Follow the IAU on social media. Copyright Credit Technology.Newsletter publishers help their readers keep track of content by labeling their newsletters with volume and issue numbers. Typically printed on the cover or page 1, this simple chronological notation system helps keep newsletters, as well as magazines, journals and other periodicals, organized for posterity and easy to access for quick reference.

The volume number printed on the newsletter usually denotes the number of years it has been published some newsletters numerate volume by season or fiscal year, such as for a corporation. The issue citation denotes the number of newsletter editions produced thus far in a given volume.

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For example, a newsletter in its fifth year of monthly publication appearing in June would display the volume and issue information as Vol. Print newsletter volume and issue numbers using Arabic numerals 1, 2, 3, etc. Arabic numbers will be more familiar to most readers and easier to understand. Follow the same numbering pattern for volumes and issues until the publication schedule changes for the newsletter, then include a brief announcement in the newsletter that it will be moving to a new schedule; for example, weekly instead of monthly.

This lets readers know the issue frequency and numbering system will be different. Substitute "Number" for "Issue" if desired, for example, Vol. James Clark began his career in He has written about electronics, appliance repair and outdoor topics for a variety of publications and websites.

He has more than four years of experience in appliance and electrical repairs. Clark holds a bachelor's degree in political science. Download our chrome extension or use our citation tool to automatically generate your bibliography for any website. Need to cite a webpage? Download our chrome extension. How to Cite. The Rewrite.

How to Find a Publication Date. How to Cite Newsletter Articles.Our organization, open to male descendants of Confederate veterans who honorably served their country during the War Between the States, is dedicated to honoring their memory and preserving their legacy for future generations. Please join us! Click on the "How To Join" page under the "Membership" tab and get started.

Now more than ever, we need to ensure that the contributions of our ancestors and our shared heritage are protected. This collection of newsletters is dedicated to Private Thomas T.

Airy, who provided the majority of this great collection. If you have any newsletters that go back further thanplease contact our Webmaster. Thank you! If you would like to contribute content to future newsletters, please contact the current editor, Byron E. Brady, Editor. Deadlines are as follows:. A website redesign is underway. Be sure to subscribe to the Tarheel Divison mailing list to keep up with ongoing activities. Woodyfor winning the Col. Message Message. All rights reserved. Deadlines are as follows: January-February Issue.Categorized Under: Environmental rights and governance Energy efficiency.

UN Environment Environmental rights and governance. Keyword s. Cold Chain 4 Life Banners. World Refrigeration Day Flyer.

World Refrigeration Day WRD raises awareness about refrigeration and air-conditioning and their contribution to modern life. WRD is widely supported by industry associations, organizations and societies as well as governments and individuals. In this issue: 1. Global efforts on ozone help reverse southern jet stream damage 3. Quantifying contributions of chlorofluorocarbon banks to emissions and impacts on the ozone layer and climate 6. Assessment of climate and development benefits of efficient and climate-friendly cooling.

Kigali Amendment latest ratications 2. Customs fostering Sustainability for People, Prosperity and the Planet: A few words about the theme of the year 4. Effects of ozone layer depletion on plants 5. Pesticide classication scale scopes out risk 6. The New iPIC platform.


It enables countries to share details of eligible importers and exporters with other member countries through a secure online platform.

Kigali Amendment latest ratifications 2. Executive Committee Primer — 3. The unexpected link between the ozone hole and Arctic warming 6.

Women working for the Montreal Protocol to protect the ozone. Arctic warming linked to little-studied GHGs 4. Renewed call to ban disposable cylinders 5. Japan launches Fluorocarbons Initiative, contributing to global effort to solve the climate crisis 6. Most industry stakeholders support HFC reduction bill. The new iPIC Informal Prior Informed Consent online system provides member countries with a standardised and personalised access to key licensing system data in each of the participating countries.

More data is expected to be available as more countries join and use the iPIC platform. Training Programme for National Ozone Officers. One of the primary ways that countries implement their commitments under the Montreal Protocol and particularly the Kigali Amendment is through the monitoring and control of import and export of controlled substances.

This fact sheet provides various options for Article 5 countries on how to deal with seized refrigerants in cases of illegal trade. This document suggests how the recommendation of the World Customs Organization WCO on establishing additional digits in the existing national HS codes to identify specific HFCs could be implemented.

Substantial twentieth-century Arctic warming caused by ozone-depleting substances 6.

Increase in global emissions of HFC despite near-total expected reductions 7. Quantitative detection of iodine in the stratosphere. OzoNews is Turning 20! The OzoNews 15 January issue marks 20 years of continued service of providing a regular and concise news update directly to your screen. Sound Management of Refrigerants SI6. Reduction in surface climate change achieved by the Montreal Protocol 4. Countries commit to protect the ozone layer and climate under the Montreal Protocol 3.On Saturday Nov.

GTB Gov. Officials, members of Tribal Council and many GTB Citizens came to show their respect to the sacrifice of Veterans and service members alike. More info and photos on Page Stevens Jr.

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Today, we are the experts, and Johnny Barrientoz is one of the truest examples of that. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission of the editor is prohibited. The Grand Traverse Band does not assume liability for unsolicited materials.

volume xix, issue lll, fall 2019 newsletter

Materials submitted for publication become the property of the Grand Traverse Band. The right to edit or refuse to print is maintained. Please contact the editor for assistance.

volume xix, issue lll, fall 2019 newsletter

Please send in your Childs school sports photos, stories of accolades and triumphs along with game stats. Victory or Defeat ,athleticism and teamwork can lead to prevention. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Here we are in the last month of — where does the time go?!

December is such a beautiful yet busy month for us. I look forward to all the celebrations with family, friends, and shopping for those special gifts this holiday season. Let us not forget the real reason for the season and that is the story of a baby boy named Jesus born in Bethlehem. There was no room at the Inn, so his mother Mary and father Joseph welcomed his birth in a humble manger. As the story goes, baby Jesus came to die so that you and I might live.

My prayer and hope is that you will find Him and make room for Him in your heart and life. The GTB government is responsible for many areas of concentration that require maintenance of confidential information of Tribal members and often times their families. The Council has made it a priority with the Tribal Manager to ensure that there is an emphasis of professionalism with the maintenance of any confidential information, whether it is in paper files, electronic files, or in our storage areas.

Due to recent concerns of confidential information showing up on social media, the Tribal Manager presented the need for a process clearinghouse for all areas of the Tribe that collects such information. The clearinghouse will identify the information collected, what information is confidential, how it is stored, and what positions can access this information. On Thursday October 31, the 12 Tribal leaders of Michigan met with Governor Whitmer to bring our concerns and issues forth.

Governor Whitmer mentioned in the Proclamation that Grand Traverse Band had already passed a Resolution officially recognizing the day on the second Monday in October for our Tribe. Whitmer to our year re-acknowledgement as a Sovereign Nation celebration which will take place May ! GTB owns approximately acres across from the Meijer store in Acme Township that we are trying to get into Trust status for future economic development, jobs, and affordable housing.

The following is not something I made up; rather, it came from our Legal Department and I agree with this vitally important statement. I urge the Officials in Washington, DC that they remember to ensure all agencies permitting projects or authorizations allowing states to assume permitting authority of tribal lands, waters, and sacred places, to demonstrate compliance with Federal trust obligations, treaties, and consultation requirements, the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and all other statutory responsibilities of Federal agencies in these matters.

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